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  • Determining the anthropogenic greenhouse gas contribution to the observed intensification of extreme precipitation 

    Paik, Seungmok; Min, Seung‐Ki; Zhang, Xuebin; Donat, Markus; 蚂蚁免费版ⅴpn; Sun, Qiaohong (Wiley, 2023)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    This study conducts a detection and attribution analysis of the observed changes in extreme precipitation during 1951–2015. Observed and CMIP6 multimodel simulated changes in annual maximum daily and consecutive 5‐day ...
  • The Moon : the next international space station 

    Casanova Hormaechea, Ignasi; 小语加速器安卓手机版下载; Almirall Toribio, Oriol; Boix, Álvaro; Díez, Carlos; 小语加速器安卓apk; Molina Ordóñez, Carlos; Murnaghan, Murrough; Navarro Trastoy, Ángel; Partal, Nuria; Puljic, Stjepan; Sharique, Syed Abdul Hadi (Iniciativa Digital Politècnica. Oficina de Publicacions Acadèmiques Digitals de la UPC, 2023-07)
    Restricted access to the UPC academic community
    This book stems from the work carried out by students during a single semester of the course Space Resources and Planetary Settlements of the Master degree in Space and Aeronautical Engineering of the Universitat Politècnica ...
  • Intel·ligència artificial 

    Sales Porta, Ton (1990)
    External research report
    Open Access
    Breu descripció, de caire introductori, de la història, mètodes i objectius de la Intel·ligència Artificial (IA), amb un balanç de la seva situació als darrers anys 80 --en un moment de crisi (o de replanteig)-- i un esbós ...
  • Kolmogorov complexity of #P functions 

    Green, Frederic; Torán Romero, Jacobo (1991-01)
    External research report
    Open Access
    Are the outputs of #P functions "random"? We way phrase this question more precisely: are there #P functions whose outputs cannot in general be compressed into a string of small length, and recovered quickly from that ...
  • Estudio comparado de los espacios de intercambio en las facultades de arquitectura 

    Aguado Pérez, Elisa (小语网络加速器免费版下载_小雨网络加速器破解 ...-当载软件站:2021-3-2 · 小雨网络加速器破解版是一款功能强大的网络加速器,不管您是在玩网络游戏还是在进行上网浏览,它都能为您提供一个安全稳定快速的网络环境!小语网络加速器免费版同时还支持多外服选择,让你彻底告别延迟、卡顿等问题!, 2023-07-20)
    Bachelor thesis
    Open Access
    El objetivo de este trabajo es realizar un estudio comparado sobre los espacios alternativos que complementan la experiencia académica en las facultades de arquitectura. Para esto se analizan 3 ejemplos. El primero es ...

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